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Sale-ing through the years with Jim Perry

The legend in his element….. May all your Instant Bargains be blessed with Sale Surprises up in the Giant Showroom in the Sky.

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Godspeed Jim.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER:┬áJim Perry, Top Game Show Host in the 1970’s and 80’s, Dies at 82.

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More idol chit chat with Jim and Summer

“So Summer, what do have for us on your index cards today?” “I have the results of the Sale models drug tests…..” Uh oh.

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It’s time once again to play the Fame Game

“Ten dollar money card…….NOW!” No $10 money card, but Alan does win a sewing machine! And it’s not just any ol’ sewing machine……this sucker is a New Home.

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We’re driving excitement……

It’s a late 1980s Oldsmobile sedan!

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Vacation all I ever wanted…..vacation have to get away

Right now, I need one…… …..and maybe I’ll take a friend to come along.

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Quick, someone tell Ethan Allen that we have his cupboard.

Time for a homemade Instant Bargain made from scratch…… It’s an Ethan Allen cupboard from Tradition House. And at the bargain price of eleven bucks, it’s better than comfort food!

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What is the cast of $ale watching on TV today?

It’s the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross!

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Today, we celebrate the birthday of a game show emcee……

Happy Birthday Jim Perry! Let’s go have some cake……

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What is Summer reading off her index cards today?

Let’s listen in…… “There once was a fellow McSweeney, who once spilled some gin on his……” “Oops, wrong card. I must have left the contestant introductions in my dressing room.”

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