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And behind number six we have…..

Five dollars! Now I can buy a footlong from Subway…..yay

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We’re going on a rafting adventure on the white water rapids

It looks like Greg and Dara found a good spot to set up camp…… “Did you remember to bring the picnic basket of goodies?” Uh oh….. “Let’s ask this immaculate dressed game show host who just happens to be standing … Continue reading

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Who says you can’t have your cheesecake and beefcake and eat it too?

Here’s Dara and David giving the public what they want. You’re welcome.

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Meanwhile, the never ending Battle of the Sexes rages on…..

And the conflict is being drawn out on your television screens.

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And once again, it’s time to play Instant Cash

Inside one of these three boxes is $2,000 in cash. And you chose Box No. 1…… Does it have the two grand? Or is it one of the following…… A one hundred dollar bill Crunchy Cheesy Jalapeno Cheetos Gregorio Gaviati’s … Continue reading

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This is our returning champion Tim Holleran……

Stand by as he plays for all the prizes on the stage! And a cash jackpot worth $90,000! Thirty years ago on this date, millions of viewers tuned in to $ale to watch if champion Tim would win the lot. … Continue reading

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And the Cash Jackpot is going up again……

Found another thousand bucks under the couch…. It’s now at $57,000. And it keeps growing, and growing, and growing…….

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Frankly my dear, he doesn’t give a blank…..

Here’s Greg demonstrating examples of Old South pick-up-lines with Dara…. “Hey there lady, I have a hankering for G.R.I.T.S (Girls Raised In The South)” “Come here baby, I promise you’ll never want to secede from this union.” “Let’s be like … Continue reading

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He’s going for it all, and then some……

This is David, our returning champion! Stand by to see him win a year supply of tropical drinks….. Three thousand dollars in cash…… …..or some quality time with Summer Bartholomew at a motel in Encino.

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If you like it, put a ring on it

And Summer has the ring in this Instant Bargain….. It’s a nice purple stone with all the trimmings. And all the single ladies can get it for just ten bucks.

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