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What sort of man watches Sale of the Century?

He is the type of suave gentleman whom the ladies find his renaissance lifestyle very attractive. Where these same ladies would change into their spandex workout clothes just to change the record on his deluxe stereo….. …..and go on the … Continue reading

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They’re on a cycling tour of North Cornwall

Double your fun by putting the pedal to the metal with this Instant Bargain….. It is a bicycle built for two! And it’s all yours for just six bucks.

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Everyday when it goes unclaimed, the staff gets paid for that day.

The Cash Jackpot is going up again, a $1,000 a day if no one claims it. …..but the longer it goes unclaimed, the larger it grows, and grows, and grows. And that my friends presents the mother of all Catch … Continue reading

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If this floats your boat, then let’s sail away!

Time to get in one last weekend on the boat before Labor Day…..

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She’s nuking up some Macaroni and Cheese tonight.

Time for some gourmet cooking with this Instant Bargain. It’s a microwave oven! All for just a mere paper note with Abe Lincoln’s face on it….. Bon Appetit!

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Don’t tell Tiffany that we have her lamps

Here’s an Instant Bargain that will light up your life….. It’s a Tiffany lamp! And you can buy it for just six dollars!

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Okay, so he likes ties…..what is wrong with that?

“I like ties, so just for you, I’ll knock the price to just one dollar.”

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