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Buzzr is coming…..Buzzr is coming, feel the buzz

In less than twenty four hours, Buzzr TV will launch. And this their inaugural schedule of classics that will air…… Very impressive in my opinion, but there’s one particular game show missing…… But do not worry, panic or protest fellow … Continue reading

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New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Here’s an Instant Bargain that will put you in an Empire State of Mind….. It’s a trip to New York City! Complete with the Rockettes and a dancing tomato! The cost of this trip? Only $16, just the cost of … Continue reading

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Now I know why they call them Conversation Sofas

Last time on $ale, champion Rocky Brown made his way back to the Winner’s Board It was where he won a lovely set of living room furniture. So Jim and Rocky make their way over where model Dara awaits….. Sorry … Continue reading

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Life Without People – The Sale of the Century set

Here’s the whole stage, with all the works….. And here is Jim’s podium.

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So, you think you can host a game show?

You think it’s an easy job? Think again. Being an emcee of a popular national game show has plenty of challenges….. Poor Jim….he’s having a tough day

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What sort of man watches Sale of the Century?

He has a taste for the finer things in life…… ……and takes his friends to only the best places. …..but the Most Interesting Man in the World uses this for a money clip. ……and buys such a money clip for … Continue reading

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And they all set sail that very same day on a three hour tour…..a three hour tour.

All aboard! And all of this, for just $340????? Now that’s a bargain!

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This is our returning champion Rocky Brown

……and say hello to his little friend too. Yes, to your lower right….that is THE Rocky the Flying Squirrel from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. And they’re both out to win a whole lotta loot here on $ale!

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Meanwhile, in a Bangles music video…..

Queen Dara of the Eighteenth Dynasty rules over her subjects and just about everything else here in Egypt. But soon enough, her kingdom is under threat from invaders. Now that really sphinx.

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Gymtimidation? There’s none of that here.

This Instant Bargain should get you on your feet and pump you up….. It is an exercise machine! Spandex and short shorts not included……

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