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You can’t argue that he’s gonna have the time of his life

This contestant is dressed up for his Senior Prom. ……and he’s gonna ask Dara to be his date. Just remember to have her home by eleven, and no funny business Mister!

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That Instant Bargain just gave me the diabeetus

Over at the museum, critics are just raving over this piece of art….. It’s a statue of Wilford Brimley! And there’s an inscription below which reads, “Vescamini damno Oatmealus” Translated, it’s Latin for “Eat your damn oatmeal.”

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Time once again to play the Fame Game…..

Where one of our contestants will have a crack at the board for money cards, prizes and cash! DISCLAIMER: The following Fame Game question was never actually given on any recorded episode of $ale, this is just a demonstration on how … Continue reading

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Some call it art, others like me think otherwise

Whatever it is, that thing next to Summer is allegedly art……. Which possesses strange and mysterious behavioral powers bequeathed onto unsuspecting contestants. Sorry Summer, for this piece of crap…..No Sale.

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And now for something you’ll never get TIRED of

She’s not gonna pay a lot for this Instant Bargain….. It’s a set of brand new radial tires for the car…… ….and at six bucks, she won’t have to.

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Avast me proud beauties! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

It’s because Captain Yellowbeard is in search of treasure….. …..which can only be found on the islands of the Barbados! And at just a cost of $15, this vacation won’t cost you a pirate’s ransom matey!

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Crank that music up, and drive your holier-than-thousands neighbors crazy

Because nothing beats Twisted Sister when it’s heard in Hi-Fi stereo sound! It’s a stereo system with the latest in speakers, cassette player and a kick ass vinyl turntable. And you can have all this for just $16! Looks like … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, over by the jukebox…..

“Let’s play ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ by Donna Summer.” “But I wanna play ‘Far From Over’ by Frank Stallone!”

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Play that funky music white boys and girls……

Here once again is Summer and the Swingin’ Sale Surprises! And this time they will play a medley of their favorite Rick James songs.

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Here is the cast of $ale watching a particular program on the television set

Looks like Jim and Summer are watching an episode of Jeopardy! Oops, should have phrased it in a form of a question…… “What is Jim and Summer watching an episode of Jeopardy?”

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