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Let’s find out what Sally Julian is reading off the index cards today

“Number One: Pick up some kitty litter and Velveeta at the store. Number Two: Drop off that blue dress at the dry cleaners…..” “Oops, wrong cards. That’s my to-do list for¬†tomorrow.”

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I Dream of Jeannie with the light brown flokati rug

Here’s some new carpeting for your home from the folks at Galaxy! And it’s all for just the magical, low, low price of six bucks….. “These are top of the line carpets, endorsed by Ali Baba himself.”

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With six chopsticks you get piano roll

Meanwhile, we have Karen busy with her piano lessons….. “Shake, shake, shake it off…….” “No, no, NO! That’s wrong…..DO IT AGAIN!” Quite a coup getting George Burns teaching her how to play the piano.

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Alright then, but is it house trained or will it steal any of my neighbor’s picnic baskets?

“After you hear the low Sale of the Century price, first person to buzz in gets this.” It’s a teddy bear! A really huge teddy bear….. And it’s on sale for just five bucks!

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Meanwhile, while waiting for the 7:15 bus….

Summer reads a newspaper when all the sudden receives a “news flash” “That reminds me, I gotta go the store and pick up a jar of Planter’s Peanuts.”

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For his next magic trick, the Great Gaviati will do his most ambitious yet….. By not just putting his assistant Dara on television, but inside it! Now she’s reenacting that famous scene from the movie¬†Poltergeist.

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What she needs right now is a Ticket to Ride

“Sorry Miss, this is a train ride for two, and you’re just one person.” But have no fear, Jim Perry is here! “First person to buzz in, gets to accompany Karen on the Bikini Express to Half Moon Bay.” “We … Continue reading

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