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Is being the host of $ale come with on-the-job distractions?

“Let me count the ways…..” “Where do I start?” You be the judge.

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty?

Whatever prize they’re trying to model, it ain’t working.

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I went to a garden party, to reminisce with my old friends

Flowers are in bloom with this Instant Bargain…… It’s a bouquet of flowers for that yellow rose in your life! And it’s only ten bucks here on Sale of the Century. “WTF?”  

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We now join the conclusion of the Winner’s Big Money Game already in progress…..

Here’s what happens, in a cost cutting move, when the producers write the WBMG word puzzles in Swahili. “I can’t believe it took me eighteen and a half seconds just to answer ONE puzzle.”

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Mesmerized by the purty lights yet?

There’s something subliminal about this…….

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That Instant Bargain just gave me the diabeetus

Over at the museum, critics are just raving over this piece of art….. It’s a statue of Wilford Brimley! And there’s an inscription below which reads, “Vescamini damno Oatmealus” Translated, it’s Latin for “Eat your damn oatmeal.”

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From the “This fishy deal takes like pork flavored chicken” department

“I’m willing to offer you a deal that you can’t refuse!” “We still have that damn soupterine, but this time we put something special inside it.” “Delicious and nutritious Pork Brains and Gravy!” “I don’t see any of you hitting those … Continue reading

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I’m taking my laundry down to the laundromat, where’s is my Tide detergent, roll of C-notes, bottle of Clorox and box of Trojans?

Feeling a little dirty? Just take it all off with this Instant Bargain. It is a washer and dryer, which will make your G-strings clean along with your socks. And at just ten bucks, it will knock those same socks … Continue reading

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There’s no business like monkey business

After another hard day filled with Instant Bargains and Sale Surprises, Lynnda and Greg head for the sauna for some relaxation…. …..and so does Otto, $ale’s gorilla mascot.

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Wait just a second, I don’t see any pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, green clovers, blue diamonds or purple horseshoes buddy.

So don’t tell me these are lucky charms. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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