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I’m sorry, that’s not the correct answer

You lose five dollars for that….. ….and got yourself a big fat “X” Feel the shame, for not just yourself but your family.

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You may remember me from such shows watched from the set of $ale…..

Today, we ask Karin, Greg and Summer an all important question. What’s on TV tonight? It’s The Muppets Go Medieval  starring Troy McClure! …..which you know him from other shows, admit it. Apparently, Jim does…..that time when he watched Out With Gout ’88.

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Bedside Confessions with Summer Bartholomew

Get your beauty rest on with this Instant Bargain….. It’s a Day Bed that is on sale for just ten dollars! Have a seat, make yourself comfortable.

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Fame Game prizes

Toy trucks for the kids!

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Dara has her shades, swimsuit, beach towel and a bottle of Banana Boat

After a hard week of shows, she’s off to beach to chill…. If anyone out there in internet land knows any information about Dara, such as her last name and other acting and modeling credits, please drop me a line. … Continue reading

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We decided to try this Facebook thingy…..

It’s called MEMORIES OF SALE OF THE CENTURY Check it out and give us a like! Won’t ya?

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Top Ten Things You’ll NEVER Hear Me Say – Game Show Edition

10. “I hope Millionaire gets renewed for another season.” 9. “You know what GSN needs? More Family Feud reruns.” 8. “I really miss Fear Factor.” 7. “Rossi Morreale is worthy of filling Jim Perry’s shoes.” 6. “Which version of Card Sharks I like? Bob Eubanks … Continue reading

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Uh oh, looks like Jim is starting to play hardball……

He’s throwing in some money for this Instant Bargain…. …..must resist the temptation, need the win to get the car.

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Haiku of the Century

For all you poetry lovers out there….here is a $ale inspired haiku (that’s poetry made of up 5-7-5 syllables).

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Just a second, this is the episode where Stabler and Benson ID their suspect from playing the Fame Game

“It’s time once again for an Instant Bargain.” “Summer, could you get Dara away from her Law & Order SVU marathon long enough so we sell this television set?” Can you blame her? That show is addictive.

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