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That’s one happy-trigger-finger of a contestant we have here.

“And welcome back to another edition of $ale of the Century.” “Let’s meet our returning champion Neal.” “Who just happens to be quick on the buzzer!”

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Decisions, decisions……

“Now Michael, if you play on. All this could be yours.” “A three piece man’s suit.” “An African Safari….” “Or a Beach Party in Acapulco!” “The choice is yours.”

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James, our defending champion, has just won some cash from the Winner’s Board. A cool $3,000 to be exact. Now he’s going meet a whole new set of “long lost relatives” coming out from the woodwork.

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She’s going for all the marbles

We now join the Winner’s Big Money Game in progress….. See if you can solve these puzzles. If you did, then you’ve won the glass briefcase of money!

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This is our returning champion Tom O’Brien….

It’s 1987 and so far, after clearing the board, he has over $102,000 in cash and prizes. Stand by as he goes for the $50,000 bonus! Which by the way, he did…..becoming the last big winner from the Winner’s Board … Continue reading

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This Day in $ale History, January 21, 1986

Thirty years ago, returning champion Curtis Warren claimed the $50,000 cash bonus on the syndicated version of $ale. And we have someone here who witnessed that moment in television history. Sure you did…..

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The lap of luxury, and then some

Here’s an instant bargain that will leave you in good hands…. It’s a trip to Palm Springs! For just the low, low, Sale of the Century price of $17. And returning champion John Goss looks interested…… But did he buy? … Continue reading

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