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Right now, it’s easier to spot an jackalope in Times Square compared to this

Just one of these days….I gotta know what is last name of $ale model Dara and who she is. Even after several futile attempts on the internet searching for any clues. One of these days…..

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That can’t be right, that stupid computer said take a left on Sunset which is supposed to take us to Sizzler!

Ah yes, the Ye Olde Early days of GPS…… Maybe this recognizable internationally famous game show host can give us the right directions……

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Here comes Summer with the glass briefcase

She’s holding the loot, so all of you better play by her rules…..

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I’m taking my laundry down to the laundromat, where’s is my Tide detergent, roll of C-notes, bottle of Clorox and box of Trojans?

Feeling a little dirty? Just take it all off with this Instant Bargain. It is a washer and dryer, which will make your G-strings clean along with your socks. And at just ten bucks, it will knock those same socks … Continue reading

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This is our returning champion Barbara Phillips…..

In 1983, Barbara became the first contestant ever to win the lot on $ale. In all, she retired undefeated with $151,689 in cash and prizes, a record for all of daytime network game shows. Drop the balloons!

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We now join Lynnda Herrick’s Hot Tub Party already in progress……

After a hard day’s work, nothing beats a dip in a hot tub. A tub filled with only steam……and no water.

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Gregorio has a brand new 35mm camera

He wants to take your picture.

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