Fame Game prizes

It’s a pair of chairs!

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They are here to pump (clap) you up!

And here’s Lynnda and Greg flexing their guns with a club membership to Gold’s Gym!

How much does it cost?

No way!

Okay then, how about this Girly Man?

OK, you’ve convinced me.

Great! Now let’s get to work on this game show host with the puny arms.

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Hey Summer, where’s that $10 money card?

“It’s behind number four.”

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An photo flood pandemic of epic proportions has arrived, it’s known as the Daravirus.

So far, there’s no known vaccine, but who needs it?

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The Bargain Basement or: How I Learned to Stopped Dawdling and Just Buy That Soupertine Fish

You know that deep down, if you’re a contestant on $ale, you really want to go after the very important prizes like this.

But when you’re trying to win the $50,000 cash jackpot and risking the ten major prizes won from the Winners’ Board to do so, you don’t want to risk your lead in the match for an Instant Bargain, no matter how tempting.

So what would be the solution that would not only juice up the format, but satisfy both contestant who wants that Instant Bargain and emcee trying to unload their stuff?

Do what retailers like Filene’s and Ollie’s do, BARGAIN BASEMENT!

Here’s how it would go.

At the first episode of the week, before the dispensing of the $20 to the three contestants to start the match, our fearless host Jim would announce to the players and the studio audience the opening of the $ale Bargain Basement Jackpot with a $3,000 cash prize. Any unsold Instant Bargain (including Sale Surprises) would be added to the Bargain Basement Jackpot. Whoever would win the match with a score of $85 or more would claim the jackpot.

If the jackpot is not claimed, then it carries over to the next episode with an additional $1,000 cash added (and each subsequent episode).

If the jackpot is not claimed after five episodes, then the jackpot resets for next week at it’s $3,000 base.

So it’s possible to have one to five days of unsold Instant Bargains along with a progressive cash jackpot won without having to risk your lead.

Who says you can’t have your fish and eat it too?

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The Great Outdoors, Pandemic Edition

If I had to be quarantined due to COVID-19, I can’t think of anywhere else than this camper trailer.

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Don’t adjust your television set

There’s nothing wrong with this picture.


That is actually is the color of Jim Perry’s blazer.


And that brings out Summer Bartholomew and the power of her mockery.

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Vacation is all I ever wanted, Vacation have to get away…..

Pardon me for the lack of posting activity, weather is nice and I had to take a vacation.


Besides, if anyone spent it with these two, who am I question?


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That’s one happy-trigger-finger of a contestant we have here.

“And welcome back to another edition of $ale of the Century.”


“Let’s meet our returning champion Neal.”



“Who just happens to be quick on the buzzer!”

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A $ale Of The Century Fish Story

Here’s Greg and David out for a day of fishing…..


They say that they caught The Big One.

I wonder if this is it?


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