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Who are the Sale models dressed as for Halloween this year?

Lou and Lynnda are going as members from the rock band Go Go’s….. Karin is going as that tiny ballerina on top of your antique music box….. Greg is going as a Swiffer mop…… …..and David has the scariest costume … Continue reading

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Guests of Hell Yeah! Sale of the Century stay at…..

…..the Kona Surf in tropical Hawaii!

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Fame Game prizes

It’s dinnerware from Noritake!

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Decisions, decisions……

“Patti, our returning champion has a decision to make.” “Should she buy the washer and dryer for just $11? “With only a $6 lead?” “Does the model come with it?”

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This table does everything!

It plays bumper pool…… ……you can hold your own Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament ……and to top it off, eat some dinner! All hail the wonders of modern 1980s technology!

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Checking in….

“Hope you enjoy your stay at the Watergate Hotel.”

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I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so……

Here’s an Instant Bargain that isn’t full of Shinto…… It’s a authentic Japanese changing screen! And at the bargain price of $16, it won’t cost you a lot of Yen.

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