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Don’t adjust your television set

There’s nothing wrong with this picture. That is actually is the color of Jim Perry’s blazer. And that brings out Summer Bartholomew and the power of her mockery.

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Oh yeah, Chernobyl is known it’s fine slopes

Here’s Karen modeling the latest in ski wear for those nuclear winters….. Because any girl who works in Sector 7G wants to look fashionable when mastering the Alpine Downhill.

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty?

Whatever prize they’re trying to model, it ain’t working.

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I went to a garden party, to reminisce with my old friends

Flowers are in bloom with this Instant Bargain…… It’s a bouquet of flowers for that yellow rose in your life! And it’s only ten bucks here on Sale of the Century. “WTF?”  

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Can you hear me now? Good, I’ll go reach out and touch someone.

Out on the golf course, here’s David making a business call. Quit laughing people, this is an ACTUAL 1980s CELL PHONE. A smartphone from the Jurassic Era before texting, selfies, etc….. So what kind of business is Dave getting done? … Continue reading

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One pill makes you larger…..and one pill makes you small

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall with this Instant Bargain. It’s a sterling silver service set for your next tea party! And nobody will tread on you over the price, which is only ten bucks. And just in … Continue reading

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That Instant Bargain just gave me the diabeetus

Over at the museum, critics are just raving over this piece of art….. It’s a statue of Wilford Brimley! And there’s an inscription below which reads, “Vescamini damno Oatmealus” Translated, it’s Latin for “Eat your damn oatmeal.”

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Some call it art, others like me think otherwise

Whatever it is, that thing next to Summer is allegedly art……. Which possesses strange and mysterious behavioral powers bequeathed onto unsuspecting contestants. Sorry Summer, for this piece of crap…..No Sale.

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I’m taking my laundry down to the laundromat, where’s is my Tide detergent, roll of C-notes, bottle of Clorox and box of Trojans?

Feeling a little dirty? Just take it all off with this Instant Bargain. It is a washer and dryer, which will make your G-strings clean along with your socks. And at just ten bucks, it will knock those same socks … Continue reading

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If they were trying to spell “CAT”, then we would have a problem…..

It’s an exotic tropical vacation to ?????? Alright, it’s a trip to Hawaii…. “Seriously?????”

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