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The Winner’s Big Money Game – Here’s how I would improve it

Ah, the Winner’s Big Money Game. The infamous, often derided and criticized end game that has divided the $ale community for generations. A quick introduction for you newbies….. When it made it’s debut towards the end of 1987, $ale’s champion … Continue reading

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Buzzr is coming…..Buzzr is coming, feel the buzz

In less than twenty four hours, Buzzr TV will launch. And this their inaugural schedule of classics that will air…… Very impressive in my opinion, but there’s one particular game show missing…… But do not worry, panic or protest fellow … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Best Game Show Hosts Ever.

That’s just my opinion…..which I think it’s kinda important. 10. Wink Martindale – Has the essential name and persona for all emcees. And he made Tic-Tac-Dough exciting (especially Hat Day on Fridays) 9. Chuck Barris – Put the gong in The … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things You’ll NEVER Hear Me Say – Game Show Edition

10. “I hope Millionaire gets renewed for another season.” 9. “You know what GSN needs? More Family Feud reruns.” 8. “I really miss Fear Factor.” 7. “Rossi Morreale is worthy of filling Jim Perry’s shoes.” 6. “Which version of Card Sharks I like? Bob Eubanks … Continue reading

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