This is the Instant Bargain that Kellyanne Conway has warned us about

It’s just another day at the S.O.T.C. Lunchroom.


“I’m going to nuke up Stouffer’s lasagna and  pop up some popcorn, want some?”

But make your average lunch day spectacular with this microwave oven.


“Nope, I don’t see any spies in here.”

It makes the food you warm up more desirable and tempting for private eyes watching you.


“My bag of Cousin Willie’s popcorn is only half full, Thanks Obama!”

All for just five dollars!



“I must warn you, don’t put anything wrapped in tin foil in this wonderful appliance. Fire hazard you know.”


“Well, that’s a relief.”


About jburnham21

I like stuff, especially the ones that don't suck.
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