Dinnertime conversations with Gregorio and Lynnda

Nothing is more romantic than a dinner for two…..


Let’s listen in the conservation, and see what they’re talking about!


“I know you wanted to go to Spago’s…..but dammit, last I check they don’t have a chocolate wonderfall with their all-you-can-eat buffet.”


“Did I forget to program the DVR? Brand new episode of Doctor Who is on tonight.”


“We’ll arm wrestle to see who gets the last dinner roll.”


“Can I borrow your bottle of wine? Mine tastes like stale cat urine.”


“This little play-let has been brought to you by the National Fast Food Council, because fancy restaurants just don’t give a damn.”

“And when in Carl’s Jr, don’t forget to try the El Diablo Thickburger.”


About jburnham21

I like stuff, especially the ones that don't suck.
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