Top 10 Things Overheard on the $ale of the Century set

We’re not sure if they were  actually said or not, but it is funny, funny, funny!


10. “He’s giving away a new stereo system for only $8? And I paid $10 for that piece of junk from my neighbor’s garage sale!”

9. “Does Summer Bartholomew have any cousins named Winter or Spring?”

8. “Today is the birthday for one of the producers, the staff is gonna have Gregorio jump out of the cake for him.”

7. “Who’s been leaving dirty pictures behind the Fame Game numbers?!”

6. “And the Speedround starts NOW! Just Kidding!”

5. “Didn’t Jim Perry hosted a game show on Sesame Street?”

4. “No we don’t accept Groupons for Instant Bargains.”

3. “Is that fried chicken I smell from the Control Room?”

2. “No, the contestants don’t wear wacky costumes, you’re thinking of another game show.”

1. “Oh sure, a Cadillac for $530 sounds great at first, but wait until that lemon hits the road.”


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I like stuff, especially the ones that don't suck.
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